Volunteer application

We would love you to volunteer with us! Volunteering for a multi-stage event can be challenging, though also very rewarding!

Volunteers live in similar conditions to competitors. As a volunteer, you would stay in a tent with other volunteers, and would provide all your own food, just as racers do. The difference here is you are not carrying it on your back all week, so you can bring better food, more comfortable bedding and we will transport it from site to site. You will also have access to charging stations for portable electronics.

Volunteers are required to arrive in Leadville one day before competitors in order to attend orientation. You will arrange your own transportation to Denver, and we will provide transportation to and housing in Leadville for you.

You will be up early, helping support runners all day, and won’t be finished until the last runner has arrived. We try to accommodate volunteer position requests, but understand this is not always possible. Also if we need you to pitch in for something unexpected, we expect you to do so in order to make the event the best possible experience for competitors!

Flexibility and a positive attitude are probably the most important qualities we are looking for! 18 or 81, we can use you (plus, you'll get some pretty cool schwag)!


Available Positions

Checkpoint Captain

You would be trained on satellite communication and responsible for all communication between Race Management and the checkpoint (CP). You would be responsible for the other volunteers at your checkpoint—making sure they are correctly positioned, doing their work properly, and of course cheering in runners! You would also be responsible for dispute resolution at the CP if there are differing opinions on how to handle a situation or emergency. This position comes with a greater level of responsibility and potentially stress than other positions, so if you thrive on those things, this is for you!


Checkpoint Assistant 

You would be checking in each runner as s/he arrives at your checkpoint. You’d be helping refill their water, cheering them on, helping set up and tear down the checkpoint. Also a chance to see parts of the course for those interested—after last competitor goes through your CP,  two CP volunteers will follow as “sweepers," ensuring no one is left behind. You would pick up the marking flags as you go. This is slow-moving as you’d be at the tail end. Not everyone needs to be a sweeper, but if you want to be one, let us know. Qualifications: detail-oriented, enjoy cheering!


Town-based Driver

We need drivers available at varied times. Ideal position for someone who lives in the Leadville area and owns a reliable car. Unfortunately there will almost certainly be DNFs. When a participant DNFs, we will take the competitor to Leadville and meet up with the driver. The driver is responsible for taking competitor to get his suitcase, finding a hotel room for him, and ensuring he is checked in.  

It is possible Race Management will need you for other things that week as well—errands, etc.

If you want to be involved but only part-time and sleeping in your own bed is a must, this is for you!


Trail-based Driver

You’d be driving all over the course and could be doing any or all of the following: transporting equipment, driving management, driving medical director, and driving the course director. Some of the trail-based drivers will be doing heavy lifting, others will be exclusively driving.


Sweeper with Mule

You need a mule for this one! From the last CP of the day to camp each evening, a sweeper with mule will walk behind the last competitor.  We honor mules as a part of Leadville’s mining history, and this is one part of that. As you arrive in camp, be prepared and willing for competitor photos of/with your mule!  This position can be held by one person, two people, or several. Only want to do it a day or two? Also fine.


In-camp help

You would be doing anything/everything needed around camp. You’d be getting the fire going morning and evening and ensuring the water kettles are full for competitors, taking tents down after the day’s stage begins, setting tents up at the new camp, setting up the generators for the medical, media, and management teams, overseeing the computers competitors can use to send an email each night, and anything else needed around camp.