TOP 10 reasons to do a multi-stage footrace!


10. The buckle

Let’s get this out of the way early. We all want the buckle. It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s a symbol of all the pain and pride. But there are better reasons to do a multi-stage race.

09. Food

Not during the event. There’s nothing good to say about what you’ll be eating during the event. But in the month following it? You can eat anything/everything you want and you still won’t make up for all the weight you lost that week. Free pass.

08. Get Away From the Kids

Usually you feel guilty when you’re trying to duck the kids, but this is different. You are absolved of all child responsibility for the duration of the event (and travel…which can add days) by justifying it under one banner. The kids will reflect on this at some time in their lives, drawing on your mental and physical fortitude to overcome barriers in their own lives. (Look, we can’t really test this out as they won’t be grown for years, so let’s just assume it’s true and move on).

07. Cool Injuries

What happened? Oh, I tripped over a mule, slipped on the edge of a volcano, slid into a rice paddy, was trying to avoid a camel…you just don’t get injuries like this at home.

06. Your Own Kind of Crazy

Everyone is crazy, but with this group you have a gathering of your specific kind of crazy. It’s a nice change.

05. International Couch Surfing

Forget Air BNB—you now have free places to stay all over the world to go with your new friends from all over the world. Just keep that extra bed in your own house ready—people are coming your way too.

04. New Gear

Who doesn’t love new gear? And who doesn’t love getting to research and then purchase loads of new gear all at once, with absolutely no guilt whatsoever?! You have to have it—look at the mandatory list!

03. No bathing or shaving

Don’t even bother to try to stay clean or fresh. You’re going to smell like a wet dog, have blisters, furry legs, swollen ankles…and that’s by Day 2. Embrace it. This is the chance of a lifetime to walk around completely disgusting for a week while blending in completely with the other wooly forest creatures. I mean competitors.


02. Try Out New Hair Styles

You know that style you think would look great, but it’s a bit edgy to take public? This is your chance to wear that look and wear it proud.


01. Tan Lines

You just don’t get tan lines like this at a beach resort. To those who are familiar with taping, you look like a bad ass. No lying around in a bikini for you last week. For those who look at your tan lines oddly and wonder what the ???? Well, they aren't your kind of crazy anyway.