Safety, professionalism, quality, passion



New races are popping up all over the place and some of what we've seen concerns us. We make course and competitor safety our number one goal.  While safety can never be guaranteed in life, and especially in remote backcountry wilderness, we have a well-planned risk management program which can provide considerable peace of mind. From required safety gear to physician medical forms, to well-trained volunteers, to continuous course monitoring to regular checks on competitors as they come through aid stations as well as on the course, to a medical team whose sole work is supporting high altitude endurance racers, to life-flight at the ready, search and rescue on alert, local hospitals aware of the race and ready to receive anyone should it be needed, to top notch communications to pull it all together...We never put a great photo opportunity above your safety, which we've seen time and again in other races.  There is nothing more important to us than your safety.


We all have a great sense of humor and we all love to be out on the trails. We also know you have spent a lot of time and money and preparation before arriving in Colorado for this race. We take your commitment to this race seriously, and we take our commitment to you seriously. All competitors, volunteers, and staff are treated with the utmost respect at all times. This is a really fun career to have, but it is also deserving of nothing short of excellence.


This goes along with professionalism for us. Every single aspect of this race, bar none, is done with top-notch quality in mind. There are plenty of races out there which have the distance you want to run, and have a start and finish line so if that's all you are looking for, you have many options. We are different. We bring thoughtfulness and a high standard to every aspect of the race experience. We don't cut corners and we don't overlook "little things" because we believe the little things are what make up the overall experience. This level of quality does not start at the starting line. It starts the day you register. Your training starts the day you register (or perhaps before), and your race experience  starts then too. You're thinking about this race every day as you put in the miles, so know that we are thinking of you as you do so and we are here to support you at a high level from that point, until you're back at the airport heading home, locally-made belt buckle in hand.


Hopefully you are already getting the sense of passion involved for us. The only way to have superior safety, professionalism, and quality is by having a passion for the events we are creating. Like anything in life, if you're only in it for the paycheck or the carrot you are chasing, you will never achieve your goals. You have to have passion for the process--for making sure every detail is attended to, for the late nights and the worry about and support for every competitor. We see you as part of our race family, we want your experience to be everything you want it to be and more, and we want to work toward that day in and day out. Not have to--want to. We love the trail running and mountain biking communities--volunteers, competitors, and their families who support them through the training, cost, and travel. It is a special group of people and we are passionate about creating and furthering this supportive, humorous, incredible community through our races.