Rules and Regs



  1. All Race Director decisions are final. Checkpoint Captains have authority on location at each checkpoint but Race Director will have final say.
  2. Good sportsmanship is not only appreciated, it’s required! We know you will be tired and possibly grumpy but you may not take this out on others!

  3. No muling (carrying items for others). Team mates, spouses, friends—no one may mule anything for you.
  4. Carry all required equipment and calories at all times.  Your equipment will be checked pre-race, and we reserve the right to spot-check at any time during the race. Top 5 men and top 5 women crossing the line each day will have their equipment checked upon crossing the line each day.
  5. No littering.
  6. Medical team will do what they can to help you complete the race. If they deem you unfit to continue, you are out of the race (no arguments). If you require an IV, you are out.
  7. Entire race must be completed on your own two feet. No bicycles, animals, vehicles, or piggy back rides.
  8. No phones except as cameras. Phone must remain in “airplane mode” throughout the race barring emergency rescue situations. No phone calls, no texts. It’s a great time to connect to the world around you and fully immerse yourself in the experience.
  9. No cutting the course. Flags, ties, lights will be out for you to follow. You must pass each one. If you realize you can skip a few by cutting the course a little…that’s cheating. We don’t like cheating, your fellow competitors don’t like cheating, and really it doesn’t feel all that great to “finish” a course you know you’ve cut.
  10. All complaints or objections must be made to the Race Director as soon after finishing the day’s course as possible, and no later than 8pm the same day.
  11. Participants must be 18 years old as of the first day of the race. 
  12. By competing you acknowledge this is a strenuous endurance event in remote wilderness. As such it comes with inherent risk to life and health and access to medical care can be delayed by extended periods of time.
  13. You agree to inform LR of all medications and all medical conditions so that you may best be helped in the case of emergency
  14. You give LR medical team authority to perform medically necessary procedures and to make decisions concerning medical care if you are so impaired that you are not able to.
  15. We reserve the right to alter the course length and/or route when we deem necessary.
  16. Each competitor will wear the Legendary Race Series patch and Cloud City Multi-Stage patch on all shirt and jacket sleeves. Details will be provided. Patches from other races may not be worn.
  17. All international competitors are encouraged to get insurance covering medical costs, repatriation, and trip cancellation. As you may have heard, health costs in the U.S. are extremely high so you will want to protect yourself against this possibility. LR does not cover medical costs.
  18. All U.S. competitors are strongly encouraged to confirm their health insurance is current.
  19. You are responsible for visa and passport requirements to the U.S. from your country.
  20. Transgender competitors: where prize money is not at stake, we welcome everyone to sign up as the gender with which they self-identify. 

    Where prize money is at stake, we follow USATF and IOC regulations as follows:

    A. Those who transition from female to male are eligible to compete in the male category without restriction.
    B. Those who transition from male to female are eligible to compete in the female category under the following conditions:
    B.1. The athlete has declared that her gender identity is female. The declaration cannot be changed, for sporting purposes, for a minimum of four years.
    B.2. The athlete must demonstrate that her total testosterone level in serum has been below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to her first competition.

Tax regulations

US Government – Federal Income Tax Withholding on Prize Money

To avoid 30% withholding on your prize money, U.S. and Resident Foreign Athletes must provide a Form W‐9 with valid social security number. A Form 1099 is required to be completed by all athletes receiving compensation of $600 or more in a given year.

All athletes who are citizens of foreign countries, also known as non‐resident athletes (NRAs) will be subject to 30% withholding of the total prize money as required by the IRS. This amount will be credited toward any US taxes owed at year end.

 If a NRA is interested in trying to lower the withholding rate, they may apply for a Central Withholding Agreement at least 45 days prior to event.

For more information please visit the IRS’s website here.

Liability limitations

Legendary Race Series, LLC is not liable to you for 

(a) any loss of or damage to your belongings;or

(b) any indirect or consequential loss; or

(c) any loss or damage suffered or incurred by you arising out of or in connection with competing in the race 

Legendary Race Series' maximum liability to you for any claim in contract, tort, or in any other cause of action arising out of or in connection with the race will not exceed your entry fee.