I've always believed that we do not all need to support the same causes, but we do all need to support a cause important to each of us.

We unabashedly love to see and profile the charitable causes many competitors support through fundraising. Interests are wide and varied, and we can't wait to see what piece of the world you are working to improve. If you are raising money for charity, please do let us know what charity and why it's important to you so we can profile you and your work. As long as we are all working toward something--anything--we will have a symbiotic relationship and the world at large wins!


Our support

For our part, we choose what we feel is a prevalent yet widely overlooked massive personal and public health crisis: loneliness, particularly in the elderly. As we live longer, and as we spread further afield from family, many are left feeling desperately alone. Many spend their days with tv as their source of company. This is not an issue which discriminates by class or gender or ethnicity. It is not limited to the physically unhealthy, or to those in nursing care.  It is a public health crisis and it is largely ignored.  We are working directly with a local senior citizen charity and will be donating to help bring our elderly back into the fold, to foster relationships between each other and within the greater community.