Women make up a very small percentage of multi-stage ultra races and we want to change that!

Did you know that although women are less likely to sign up for a multi-stage, they are 3X more likely than men to finish? Women are great endurance athletes—the longer the distance, the smaller the gap between men and women. We want to see that gap close completely. And we are putting our money where our mouth is! 

If you are a woman and you win the overall, we will add $1,000 to your prize money. 

I know, this means the purse isn’t equal, but come on now now—an extra $1K after decades of men’s purses being larger than women’s? We can live with the feedback from this!

So if you are a man and you win the overall, or you are a man and win the men’s race but do not win the overall, you will receive $5,000

If you win the women’s race and you do not win the overall, you will receive $5,000. If you are a woman and you also win the overall, you will receive $6,000. 

Come on ladies, let’s get this done! (no offense men, you know we love you too and will be cheering you just as hard!)

You know what else is typically “fair” in race regulations? Transfer and deferment policies. You’ll see in our policies that we do allow one year deferments for documented injuries (see details). That’s fairly standard. And “fair.” But you know what it doesn’t account for? Pregnancy. Sometimes you don’t plan to get pregnant. Sometimes you’ve been trying to get pregnant for years and you can’t put off the rest of your life while you’re working on that. So you get pregnant and you look through the “fair” policies and find…nothing?!

We’re changing that.  We have an actual clear policy. If you get pregnant after signing up, we will defer your entry for TWO years. Not one—because who can train for and do an ultra during and right after pregnancy? Not most of us! So we’ll give you an extra year for your deferment (see details in rules and regs).

And if you aren’t pregnant…don’t worry about packing your bag full of tampons because we have tampons and pads at all water stops!

Also, we realize there are a good number of women who are just plain intimidated by the idea of a 173 mile multi-stage race. We get that. It kind of feeds on itself—not that many women do them, so many women wonder if they can do them…YOU CAN! We are working with an icon in the multi-stage world, Lisa Smith-Batchen, so you can get to the finish line (and have the confidence to get to the start line!). Check out the bios to see a bit about Lisa’s background. She is not only an icon, she’s an amazing coach. She’s not a triathlon or single-day ultra coach who thinks she can add on multi-stage coaching. Her own racing background, the many podiums of those she has coached, and the mid-pack finishes she has facilitated for those who wonder if they can do it are ALL geared toward multi-stage racing. If you want to win the overall, your age group, or know you can get from wherever you are right now to the finish line, Lisa is the one to contact. She’ll get you there. And she’ll do it with a lot of support and positive feedback. She coaches both men and women.

We are founded by a woman who wants to see more women in ultras and is making decisions to help this happen! If you think of other things which could be helpful to increasing participation for women, just let us know. We are always open to new ideas!