A New Multi Stage Ultra Marathon Race

Reach New Highs And New Lows

The 2019 Legendary Race Series inaugural season features a look back at the American West. Based in the heart of the Rocky Mountains surrounding the historic Victorian-era silver and gold mining town of Leadville, CO, Cloud City Multi-Stage is an extreme running multi stage ultra marathon race. Competitors will traverse 173 miles/278 kilometers in 7 days, starting at an elevation of approximately 10,000 feet/3,048 meters and rising up (and down and up and down and up again) to almost 14,000 feet/4,268 meters to some of the highest elevation in the United States.

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First or last, everyone earns the same locally made belt buckle. If you’re at the very back, you’ll likely see the "sweeper" bringing up the rear with his mule. Mules were a big part of mining life in this area in the 1800s, and remain important in the community even today. Runners may pass through cold deep streams, an old mining town, and have massive elevation gain and loss. Jeep tracks, single track, no track, boulder fields, meadows--terrain will be varied and challenging for everyone. If you finish, you've earned the buckle.


It's about to get rough

With the average race elevation about 2 miles/3.2 km high, just walking up a flight of stairs might make you winded. You won't find stairs on this backcountry course, but you will find large elevation gains and losses, challenging terrain, unpredictable weather, and a need to dig deep and push yourself past where you think your limits are. And then do it again for 5 more stages.

Clear blue skies are the norm year-round, but weather is very variable in the mountains. Cold, hot, wind, rain, snow—these are all possible almost any time of year.

Bottom line: your gear and your state of mind should be prepared for anything!


The itinerary

Fly into Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado and take a 2 hour shuttle to Leadville. 


Got ovaries?

Women make up a very small percentage of multi-stage ultra races and we want to change that!


Badassery Hill Climb™

A race within the race! Each day there will be a very difficult climb of varying distance with a separate prize to the winner.


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