A New Multi Stage Ultra Marathon

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About Legendary Races

Legendary Races is a new ultra race multi stage ultra marathon race series held in some of the most remote, historic and chronicled landscapes in the world.  Courses will be rugged, extreme conditions and temperatures can be expected, and your tenacity will surely be tested. Events will include footraces and mountain bike races. Races will occur annually, with one new race added each year for the next several years.

All races are fully self-supported--no aid stations, no drop bags. We provide water, fire, and tents. We also provide markers throughout the course--flags, ties, glow-in-the-dark sticks--to mark your way. You will always be able to see the next marker from the last--this is not a race designed to test self-navigation. You do however need to provide mental toughness, physical preparation, and everything you’ll need for the week. Whatever you begin the race with on your back is all you will have for the entirety of the race, so careful kit and food planning is essential.